Songs of Dusk

A Daughter’s Tribute to Her Father Through Dance

Sreyashi Dey, daughter of Batakrishna and Uma Dey, pays her heartfelt tribute to her father’s poetry and songs through dance. Sreyashi is a well-known classical Odissi dancer based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and she has chosen her medium of artistic expression – dance, to visualize her father’s vintage, classic songs starting from the 1950s to the later years. She created the dance series titled “Songs of Dusk” as her loving offering to her father, and also her mother who has been the most significant influence on her dance since her childhood. It has been a deeply moving and significant artistic process for Sreyashi to imagine these songs in the form of dance, and create these new choreographies and visual design for these gems of the golden era of Bengali modern (adhunik) songs. In the following pages, read her words of tribute, watch the videos and also read what eminent dance critics and viewers are saying about this unique series.